Stipa tenuissima - Mexican Feather Grass

aka Nassella tenuissima

This is a great plant for mass planting, particularly where there are windy conditions. It undulates gracefully even in light breezes.

Description: cool season; clump forming
Foliage is green; of narrow blade width; 45-60cm (18-24") tall
Flowers are feathery, ripening to golden brown; blooms June-Aug; 60-70 cm (24-28") tall

Ideal conditions: full sun; well draining fertile soil; good drainage in winter is essential

Coldest zone: 6 (find your zone; further info on plant hardiness)

Partner with: Achillea (yarrow), Rudbeckia, Coreopsis, Miscanthus, Sporobolus, Bouteloua, Panicum 'Northwind' (and other upright varieties, as they provide a nice contrast in plant form)

Season of interest: June to winter

Drought tolerance rating: 2 (water to root depth once every 2 weeks); further info

Native to: native to Mexico, Texas, Argentina and Chile

Recommended plant spacing: 60-80 cm (24-32") why such a difference?

Pronounciation: Stipa (STY-pah) or (STEE-pah) tenuissima (ten-yoo-ISS-i-mah)



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Stipa tenuissima - Mexican Feather Grass
Stipa tenuissima - Feather Grass
photo courtesy Janus Gardens