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Salix (Willow) Stems at Bluestem Nursery

Salix (Willow)

Salix repens var argentea

Salix repens var argentea

Common name: Argentea Creeping Willow

Description: small prostrate shrub; 30 cm (12"); slender reddish branchlets; small ovate leaves, grey on the upper surface and light grey on the underside

Conditions: full sun to part shade; acid soil; exposed site with excellent drainage and moisture-retentive soil that is low in nitrogen; salt tolerant

Coldest zone: 3 (find your zone; further info on plant hardiness)

A good ground cover plant.

Salix repens is a very polymorphic willow, which means that it is represented by many forms and variants. Some occur as slender prostrate shrubs, while others are more upright. This form stays low with arching branches. Best suited for the rock garden or other exposed locations. It will cascade down a rock wall.


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