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Using Grass Plugs

Plugs can also be used in conjunction with grass seed when planting a large area. Widely spaced plugs can function as 'nursery' plants for the emerging seeds by providing some shelter from the elements.

The procedure is:

  • start with a weed-free area
  • plant plugs and maintain until established
  • scratch out any remaining weeds
  • overseed
  • carefully maintain until seeds are rooted

There are also other applications where plugs may be appropriate. Contact Us for further information.

Ornamental Grasses


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Willow Cuttings Order Form - 2016

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Rods - for living willow structures


A handout of planting instructions is included with every shipment. It can also be printed from here.

* We have detailed instructions here for how to root the willow cuttings.


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Our Catalogue

We have discontinued our printed catalogue. However for your convenience, we have printable price lists for the perennials and willow cuttings and willow rods. The ornamental grasses are not ready yet. Click here for the links.


We have added to our instructions for starting willow cuttings, to include info for starting them in pots as well as planting the cuttings directly into the ground.

Please visit this page for extensive instructions.


Bluestem Nursery disclaims any responsibility for damage caused by the roots from willow species. Some willows must be contained in small areas or planted within a large park or acreage. Common sense should prevail when planting willows. For further information please contact Bluestem Nursery.