Retail Newsletter from Bluestem Nursery Jan 2011

Achnatherum hymenoides
Indian Ricegrass

Poa glauca 'Blue Hills'

From the blog post: Cutting Back Grasses - Part One - We are about a month ahead this year. The cool season grasses are already growing. So that meant that as soon as the Olympics were over I had to get outside and start cutting off the dead grass before I would cutting off the tips of new growth. Read more for a great tip on cutting back grasses...

Willows for Winter Colour: I managed to get out to the willow block before they were all cut down. Its such a place of beauty when there is no colour elsewhere in the landscape. The favourite willow for winter colour is usually read more....

If you look on the righthand side of the blog there are something called Labels. You can look / click there to find further info on the subjects listed. Its like a Table of Contents.

Its proving to be a great way to get some extra info out, without sending out a newsletter. I still have bad memories of being cut off by my Internet Service Provider because they thought this computer was sending out spam.

Winter has come to an end early for us this year, and we have been shipping willow cuttings and rods, as well as plugs of our cool season grasses already. This will lengthen the time over which we can ship our plants, making the shipping season a bit less stressful, I hope.

New Grasses for 2010
New Perennials for 2010
  • Kalimeris incisa
  • eight varieties of Sedums, for use on green roofs (see the order page for the names: CDN or US)

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