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Retail Newsletter from Bluestem Nursery Feb 2015

Penstemon confertus
New Plants for 2015

We have 3 new grasses and 2 new perennials for 2015.



If you haven't yet discovered Pinterest....

So what is Pinterest?

It is actually quite simple. First you create an account on Pinterest. Its free. Then when you see a picture you like on the internet you can Pin it, which means that you save it to a folder (Pinterest calls it a Board) in your account. You are creating a photo album. Pinterest is all about pictures. Yum!

Why do I want you to know about it?

I have put most of our images onto a Bluestem Nursery account on Pinterest. I still have more to add, but at least the majority of the grass images are there. I have also put a Pin It button on most pages of our website.

So when you are wandering around our website, and you see a grass you are interested in, simply click the Pin It button (you may have to do this to the pic a second time) to save it to your Pinterest account.

OR, simply click on the photo on the right and it will take you right to our photo albums, which includes one for grasses, willows, perennials, willow sculpture, etc. You can click on any board and when you see something you are interested in, just hover your mouse over the picture and a Pin It button appears. Click on it and follow the simple steps to place it into your own Pinterest account.

When you are planning an order I am sure that you haven't much liked making notes, so this should make it easy for you to assemble the plants that you like into one easy-to-view place. A Wish List of pictures of the plants! I had always wanted a way for you to assemble one, but it was beyond my technical skills to add one to the website.

We do not yet have any of our own pictures of our two new Molinias, but I was able to find some luscious pics of them and Pin them to our Ornamental Grasses Board. I can not ethically put them onto our website, but Pinterest is all about sharing.

TIP: when you sign up you will be asked for your interests. I suggest that you keep that field very limited, for example, just Gardening. I am not sure what I indicated I was interested in, but somehow I ended up with a gazillion pics of wedding dresses, which I am not the least bit interested in! This part of Pinterest can be a little confusing. To get rid of those one must click on Followers and then click on Unfollow to prevent any that you do not want from showing up on your homepage. This will result in your homepage making more sense to you.

And yes, you can Follow us, so that whenever I Pin new pics to the Bluestem Nursery Pinterest page, they will turn up on your Pinterest homepage. To Follow us, go to the the Bluestem Nursery page of Boards (do a search for us if the link doesn't work). There you will see a red Follow button. You can follow all our Boards or just individual ones.

There is more to Pinterest that I have describe above, but you will figure them out after you start using it. If you do have questions, I am planning another newsletter soon, so I can post answers in it. (We are planning to carry more native plants. The next newsletter will give you more details).

I sure hope that I explained it clearly!!!! Its very easy once you get going.

Have fun!!!

One last thing. I would like to apologize to Google Chrome users. I did not realize that Chrome had overtaken Internet Explorer as the most popular browser until I was having trouble with my machine working agonizingly slowly. I decided to give Chrome a try and what a difference!!!! Then I looked at our site and was shocked at all the things that weren't lined up properly, or were overlapping, etc. I am quite sure everything is fixed now.

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