Andropogon hallii - Sand Bluestem

Once established Sand bluestem will grow in dry soil and is well-suited for the hot dry climate of western North America. It will often cross with Andropogon gerardii and sometimes interesting hybrids will result. Andropogon hallii is slow to establish, but over time it becomes a large durable grass.

Description: warm season; sod forming (very slow spreader, not invasive)
Foliage - green; yellow-green stems; narrow blades; 120-150 cm (48-60") tall
Flowers - August to October; 140-165 cm (55-65")

Ideal growing conditions: full sun; prefers sandy soil; drought tolerant once established

Coldest zone: 3 - 8 (find your zone; further info on plant hardiness)

Season of interest: mid summer - autumn

Partner with: Coreopsis tripteris, Panicum virgatum varieties, Sorghastrum

Recommended spacing between plants: 50-100 cm (20-40") why such a difference?

Drought tolerance rating: 2 (water to root depth once every 2 weeks); further info

Native to: Sand bluestem is native to North America. It is found growing from the Mississippi River west to the Rocky Mountains and from southern Canada to northern Mexico.

Pronunciation: Andropogon (an-droh-POH-gon) hallii (hal-ee-eye)


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Andropogon hallii - Sand bluestem